Local government

We provide comprehensive legal services to entities of the local government sector, including local government authorities, associated bodies and  institutions, in particular for companies whose shareholders are local government entities or authorities. We are also advise clients having problems with local government  entities.


In particular we provide comprehensive legal services to concerning  the following  issues:

  • realisation of both internal and external tasks which are to be fulfilled by local government authorities;
  • organisation of government offices and formulating regulations, orders and decision-making procedures, including developing local law;
  • financial management of entities in the public finance sector;
  • urban planning and zoning;
  • management of real estate and regulation of property rights;
  • environmental protection and waste management;
  • assistance with the conducting of economic activities by local government authorities, including economic activities outside the public service remit
  • preparation and realisation of municipal investments and all kids of public assistance;
  • cooperation with private partners in entrepreneurial activities;
  • public procurement;
  • tax and local fees;
  • assistance in acquiring and using EU funds;
  • disputes between local government and central government entities;
  • assistance with externally- run review procedures (including reviews conducted by local auditing chambers and the Supreme Chamber of Control);
  • disputes resulting from supervision of local government authorities, associated bodies, or organisational institutions.


We also  represent and act on behalf of local government authorities in administrative and common court proceedings, negotiations, creation and legal analysis of contracts, assistance in acquiring financing for local governments and municipal companies, and providing legal opinions.