Public procurement

We provide comprehensive legal services to both contracting authorities and  contractors in proceedings associated with public tenders,both in the public and private sectors, including:


•    legal assistance in devising formal-legal terms of reference, including assistance in determining the basic assumptions  applying to the subject of the tender, as well as determining the conditions which must be met by contractors applying for a tender;
•    assistance  in verifying the accuracy of the tender announcement, which is necessary before the tender process can begin,  in preparing a description of the tender and in developing contract templates;
•    legal advice in the field of procedures associated with formulating questions and answers on the specifications of a tender and advice on modifying tender specifications;
•    assistance in assessing and selecting the most beneficial offer;
•    representation before the National Chamber of Appeal in association with legal matters such as  appeals and complaints.

We have legal experience in the field of public tenders in the IT sector (tenders for implementing and maintaining information systems), the construction sector, and the transport and energy sectors.
Professor Wierzbowski served for a number of years as a member of the Public Procurement Advisory Council and has authored a number of publications in the field of tender law. Before joining of our Firm as a legal councillor , Anna Celejewska Rajchert spent  a long period of time at the Legal Department and Control Department of  UZP (the  Public Procurement Authority).
Currently Anna Celejewska Rajchert  heads the Firm’s practice concerning public procurement.


We also specialise in representing both contractors  and contracting authorities in all issues and disputes associated with fulfilling contractual obligations in the area of public tenders, and in modifying terms of tender, amending  contracts, terminating contracts and stipulating contractual penalties.


Our legal advice also includes assisting in audit proceedings conducted by the president of the Public Procurement Authority.  We provide expert legal opinions on interpreting Polish and EU procurement law, and give assistance.