Financial Services Law - banking, insurance, payment services etc.

Besides standard operations in the specialisations listed  on our web page, we have developed activity  which we call FINANCIAL SERVICES LAW  as a special kind of legal services for financial institutions and their clients.

Our  law firm provides legal services  concerning for financial services provided by banks, „SKOKI”, payment institutions, insurance  companies , insurance agents and brokers, investments funds, investments firms, lending institutions and also not  regulated traders  on financial markets.


We provide legal services concerning :
1. Compliance – monitoring the  compatibility  of being in accordance with generally applicable law and soft law regulations of financial services market (Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, General Inspector of Financial Information) and professional associations;

2. Participation in forming  internal regulations, model contracts and other internal documents in the scope of its financial services;

3. Representing in civil proceedings, criminal proceedings and administrative proceedings

4. Representing before Polish Financial Supervision Authority and other authorities;

5. Representing in negotiations and other activities for amicable settlements  with third parties and also with markets regulators;

6. Representing in the drafting new regulations trade/industry both in the creating internal environmental standards (soft law for financial service market, best practice codes, guidelines, etc.) and legislative work (interministerial consultations, parliamentary proceedings, etc.);

7. Participation in the drafting  of outsourcing contract term plates – aimed at entrusting financially regulated financial market actors to non-financial operators;

8. Counselling and Advice in the scope of/ field entitlement and obligations financial institutions     ensuring compliance with attorney-client privilege, professional secrecy or legally protected secrecy, trade secrets;

9. Advice and representing in restructuring procedures third parties and restructuring proceedings in the field of restructuring and bankruptcy law;

10. Legal security consultancy for financial service providers not subject to regulation and not subject to financial supervision by the State economic administration;

11. Preparing legal opinions  also carry out training and lectures on the legal aspects of the provision of financial services.


At the Law Firm Legal service is provided by lawyers team under the Prof. Marek Wierzbowski supervision.