European Law, state aid and EU funds

We provide legal advisory services in the field of State aid to both undertakings and  public administration, including the Ministry of the State Treasury. Our practice includes support regarding investments, research, development and innovation, environmental protection (including renewable energy sources), rescue and restructuring aid, sector-specific aid and compensation for the services in the general economic interest.


We render assistance to both Polish and foreign companies who plan to apply for the investment incentives, including  starting-up new or extend their existing operations in  special economic zones, advice on tax relieves or  direct grants. We also advise on greenfield investments and other large investment projects.


We also advise investors applying for support from the European  funds (individual and aid schemes) as well as other financial instruments and facilities co-financed  from public resources, including those channelled by banks.. We assist in structuring restructuring  plans so that they meet all the requirements for this type of plan. We also assist in designing planned enterprises in such a way that they fulfil the private investor or private creditor tests. In addition, we advise on State aid aspects in the privatisation process.


We provide advice and guidance in applying for assistance, as well as in structuring the terms and conditions of all planned transactions so that they fulfil the necessary legal conditions. We provide legal advice on proceedings involving the Consumer Protection and Competition Commission and the European Commission in the field of planned aid, illegal aid, and the return of aid which has already been received.


Our experience in this field includes the pharmaceutical industry, energy sector, air and railway transport, transport by sea and road, as well as armaments industry.

Our firm provides legal analysis regarding issues connected with the European Union law, including regulations on  the post and transport sectors, as well as analyses concerning harmonisation of the Polish and EU law. While taking into account the supremacy of the EU law over national laws, in our practice we rely on the EU directly effective provisions, and invoke them in relation to public organs. We represent clients before the European Commission, as well as other EU institutions, in matters associated with merger control. Further, we also offer services regarding claims against Member State for compensation for damage caused by the infringement of the  EU law.


Among other things, we specialise in the EU competition law,  State aid law, and sector regulations in the fields of energy, telecommunications and transport, financial markets and indirect tax law. We have extensive experience in negotiating international contracts for construction works, taking into account the EU laws governing public procurement. We also provide advice and assistance concerning projects co-funded by the EU.