Environmental protection

We provide a full range of legal services in the field of environmental protection.  Our multi-faceted legal advice includes assistance in complying with the Environmental Protection Law, the Water Law, the Nature Conservation Act, and the Waste Act, EU legislation, etc.


We  offer services to assist in obtaining  permits for exploiting environmental resources ( integrated permits or sector permits),  obtaining decisions approving dangerous waste management programs,  and in determining fees for the exploitation of environmental resources. We prepare legal opinions in the field of environmental protection law, with the support and cooperation of renowned scientists in the field. Our legal advice in the area also covers the subject of investments realised within the framework of environmental law, including renewable  energy facilities, and with an emphasis on the legal-administrative aspects of the investment process as regards construction.


In our due diligence examinations of  companies in charge of managing wind farms, we pay special attention to administrative decisions and contracts in the area of environmental protection.


Our legal Firm also has a large experience in the area of assessing  the environmental impact of an enterprise or activity on the environment and in the field of emissions permits, including integrated permits. Our services in this area include:


•    Public consultation matters (integrated permits, environmental decisions), including advice on dealing with environmental organisations and cross-border procedures;
•    Successful representation of clients in administrative court proceedings related to decisions concerning environmental conditions and emissions permits;
•    Gaining the best outcomes for clients whose investments are being questioned by environmental organisations.


Our lawyers provide the aforementioned services to companies from the chemical and energy sectors, and we have advised on some of the largest recent energy projects in Poland, as well as advised entities involved in such large infrastructure projects.


Cases concerning environmental law are conducted by Joanna Rewkowska and who have successfully dealt with a variety of extremely complex cases, including the largest energy investments in the country.


In some major matters brought be environment organisations against major projects we successfully represented investors, with courts ultimately sharing our argumentation. Inter alia we won the case concerning objections to construct new power blocks in power plant in Opole, which at the moment was the largest single construction project in Poland.