Financial risk

We  provide legal services and analysis designed to minimalize financial risk associated with commercial activities, including expert opinions,  audit services, and process services.  These services aim to identify real or potential threats to entrepreneurs in the area of white-collar crime. We represent companies and other parties in proceedings involving allegations of  irregularities, including matters connected with criminal liability and administrative criminal liability  of individuals or entities in charge of the financial matters of enterprises.


These services involve both audits and analysis aimed at estimating losses and the source of these losses,  and legal representation in proceedings connected with fines given by market regulators.  Our services assist in  risk minimalisation in a preventative sense, as well as dealing with matters of criminal and economic liability. We focus on problematic issues associated with  the functioning of financial and capital markets, as well as the wider realm of economic activity including the determining of responsibility for medical mistakes and environmental damage.


Matters of alleged violation of the laws governing business activity in example securities law require close cooperation of an expert in such business law and an experienced barrister. Only such team can assure effective defence  in such matters.  – our firm has proven that in number of handled matters.