Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

We provide comprehensive  and professional legal services to our clients  at every stage of civil proceedings, as well as in disputes taking place outside court (mediation and  arbitration), using our wide knowledge and wealth of practical experience in this area.


Our Firm’s lawyers provide  assistance in all types of court proceeding in all areas of the law, including enforcement procedures and safeguard procedures, representing clients in all courts, including the Supreme Court and all types of common courts, High Court and the Consumer Protection and Competition Court (see information in the  Consumer Protection and Competition section) and administrative courts (for more information, see the Administrative and  Proceedings before Administrative Courts section).


We have extensive experience in dealing with cases between economic entities, in particular in the field of commercial law, business transactions, damages, unfair competition law, copyright and labour law etc. We are involved in a range of cases on behalf of institutional clients, specialising in highly complex, high stakes precedence cases. Our legal experts focus on reaching successful judgements in the most effective and speedy way.


Our lawyers are also extremely experienced in dealing with international civil cases and the difficulties associated with establishing jurisdiction  and applicable law. Our expertise in this field enables us to successfully handle  economic and trade cases and reach a satisfactory solutions through application of  Community law and the Convention on the international sale of goods (CISG).


We also have extensive experience  in arbitration in  national and international disputes, and frequently represent our clients before permanent arbitration courts (including the Court of Arbitration in the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Polish Bank Association and the Permanent Court of International Arbitration),as well as before ad hoc arbitration tribunals which are called into being to decide on  specific disputes and operating in accordance  with various laws and regulations (for example ICC  and UNCITRAL).


Professor Wierzbowski is an experienced arbitrator  and previously served  for a number of years as the Vice-chairman of the Arbitration Cur of National Chamber of Commerce, the largest and oldest Polish permanent arbitration court. He has also been chairperson of the Court of the Chamber of Brokerage Houses since its inception; this court  primarily solves disputes between clients and brokerage houses, as well as between different brokerage houses.


Our most well-known arbitration case to date in our practice is the case of Eureko vs. The Republic of Poland, which dealt with the privatisation of PZU, during which Professor Wierzbowski represented the government of the Republic of Poland.


Our legal experts  also represent clients in mediation proceedings and settlement negotiations. The members of our legal team are mediators in the Mediation Centre, which is associated with the  National Chamber of Commerce and the Financial Supervision Authority.


The team dealing with court proceedings, mediation and arbitration cases is led by partner Anna Krysiak, who heads our Litigation Department.