Real Estate, construction and investment projects

We specialise in all types of law matters associated  with sales and use of land , including representing investors in sales and purchases,  negotiating and assisting in the conclusion of contracts connected with real estate (including construction contracts), as well as administrative matters. We handle due diligence in ascertaining the legal status of property  and advise investors on all legal aspects of the investment process, including receiving the necessary permission for each stage of construction projects, from the initial decisions about the conditions concerning the construction site (so called “warunki zabudowy”)  through to the final permission to make use of the investment. We also advise on the frequently-changing environmental laws, and our advice on the initial environmental assessment of a project also takes into consideration the EU environmental law.


We represent our clients before administrative agencies, in administrative proceedings and in the administrative and common courts.  Our lawyers have extensive practical and academic experience in the fields of all matters concerning real estate and land use planning law.


On a number of occasions, our Firm has represented leading companies from the telecommunications sector, the energy sector, and the rail and infrastructure sector in the field to legalise and regulate real estate issues.


We also deal with issues in the field of land use law, in particular the assessment of the usefulness of  a given piece of real estate for  a particular project from a land use planning perspective. This assessment includes an analysis of zoning and city planning guidelines.


We handle reprivatisation matters and provide a comprehensive range of services for retrieving real estate or receiving compensation. We also prepare and negotiate contracts for the rental and use  of both private and commercial premises.


Within the field of real estate sales and purchase, we advise on financing for the purchase and  use of real estate, negotiating loan conditions and their insurance.  We have experience in advising investors realising both residential and commercial projects, and our advisory services also take into account tax matters which are relevant to a given transaction.


Further, we advise in all areas of the investment process in the realisation of investments connected with the power sector. We have wide experience in providing legal advice regarding investments connected with line facilities, in particular power lines. We provide legal advice on investments in both the traditional power sector and the renewable energy sector,  including projects associated with power from wind, water, or biogas sources. Joanna Rewkowska won major cases concerning construction of power  generating blocks in power plants in Opole and Turów.


Our range of services primarily include investment and real estate analysis of proposed enterprises, including researching the legal status of real estate on which a given project is planned,  describing the essential legal stages of the investment, validating and counter-checking the necessary documentation for an enterprise, and so forth.  We have also advised on construction projects connected with sources of renewable energy both on land and at sea.

Our law firm has been involved in providing comprehensive legal services for the realisation of infrastructure projects since its inception.


As part of our service, the lawyers in our Firm advise on the  infrastructure investment projects, with a particular focus on the administrative processes and decisions necessary to a successful project. We assist with administrative decisions at every stage of infrastructure projects, beginning with planning permission (decisions about the location and conditions of the buildings in premises designated for public use), through decisions needed to gain legal title to a property (so-called ‘partial dispossession’), and up until the stage of receiving building permission. Our advice in the field of infrastructure investment also includes issues associated with environmental protection at the initial stages of investment (decisions about the environmental preconditions of a given project.)


The lawyers of our Firm also  advise on civil law issues associated with infrastructure investment, such as checking the legal status of property where a project will be realised, analysis of contracts, and dealing with any court cases connected with a project.


Our firm has advised in cases of electrical infrastructure projects such as the building of power lines  connecting residential buildings to the National Grid, and we also handle number of court cases connected with rail infrastructure.


Professor Wierzbowski was a chairman of Construction Law Codification Committee and Wojciech Jacyno was a member of  this Committee, set up by the government of the Republic of Poland to draft a new Construction Law and Land Use Planning Law as a single Act of Parliament to be called  Construction Code. The final draft of the Code shall be submitted soon by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction.


Wojciech Jacyno and Joanna Rewkowska are our leading senior lawyers in the area of real estate sales and purchases. Litigation connected with real estate are dealt with by firm partner, Anna Krysiak.  The aforementioned attorneys are supported by a team experienced  junior lawyers.


Marek Wierzbowski is an editor, and our lawyers are co-authors, of several indispensable handbooks for legal practitioners in the field of real estate law and investment law, including  commentaries on construction law and land use planning law, published by Wolters Kluwer.