Administrative proceedings and court, administrative proceedings

The legal team at Wierzbowski and Partners has conducted numerous complex cases in the field of administrative law, including cases of  foreigners living in Poland and granting of citizenship, data protection, environmental protection, mining, geology, aviation, construction and zoning, rail and transport regulation, financial markets and  many other kinds of cases.


Our experienced  lawyers have acted for clients as representatives before   administrative authorities and administrative courts. We are also experienced representatives of government institutions whose operations or decisions are called into question.


Some of the cases we had in administrative courts have led to precedence-setting rulings. Extensive academic background of Professor Wierzbowski is helpful in handling such cases. Professor Wierzbowski headed the Department of Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure at the Faculty of   Law at the University of Warsaw. Professor Stankiewicz is a professor at this department.


The legal experts mentioned above have co-authored a number of respected legal textbooks in the field of administrative law, as well as writing comprehensive  commentaries on the Code of Administrative Proceedings, the laws governing administrative proceedings in administrative courts, and other areas of the law.


Apart from our academic experts, we also have number of  lawyers with extensive practical experience in administrative law matters, such as Joanna Rewkowska, Anna Krysiak, Wojciech Jacyno and Sławomir Jakszuk.