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Sławomi Jakszuk

Sławomir Jakszuk – partner, before he joined the Firm, he spent more than ten years heading, as a Vice-Director, the Legal Department of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. He took part in a number of Polish Parliament committees as well as bodies established by the administrative authorities, drafting new pieces of legislation for capital markets and the implementation of EU directives in Poland. Sławomir Jakszuk holds a diploma granted upon his completion of a special training program by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission International Institute for Securities Market Development in Washington D.C.. Within the Firm he has headed teams of lawyers involved in such transactions as the establishment of brokerage houses, investment funds and companies managing investment funds, acquisitions of portfolios of shares in listed companies, proceedings before the Polish SEC and the listing and de-listing of companies He is advising to brokerage houses, investment firms and investment funds as well ascompanies managing investment funds.

He’s acted as a counsel in such transactions as the sale of shares of KGHM by the Ministry of State Treasury, the privatization of Tauron SA and Siarkopol SA and the sale of DINO (a chain of supermarkets in the western part of Poland) to Enterprise Investors and sale of Iglotex SA to Penta Investment. Recently he advised of Mars Investment Fund in setting up of joint venture with Bilfinger Berger and in transaction of purchase of large portfolio of shares Crist SA.