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Rafał Stankiewicz
Senior Associate

Legal counsellor who cooperates with the Law Firm as the Of Counsel. Well-known lawyer in the field of competition law. He is also specializes in energy law, telecommunication law, pharmaceutical law and administrative procedure. Before he joined the Firm Dr. Rafał Stankiewicz was an active legal counsellor for six years. He advised many entrepreneurs on anti-monopoly and regulatory proceedings. He has extensive experience in representing customers before administrative courts as well as the Court for the Protection of Competition and Consumers and also participated in proceedings before the Polish Constitutional Tribunal. He was one of the experts who worked on the new law on the protection of competition and consumers of 16th February 2007. At the request Office of The Competition and Consumer Protection Department he drew up a project on the regulation of the Council of Ministers concerning the blocking of exemptions to agreements in the insurance sector. Dr. Rafał Stankiewicz is an assistant professor on the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. He is also a member of the Center of Competition and Regulatory Studies. He conducts numerous training seminars for clerks of the Civil Service, he also trains judges at the National School of the Judiciary and the Prosecutor’s Office in issues relating to legal aspects of the protection of competition. From 2004 – 2008 he served as a consultant and legal attorney of the National Notaries Council. He participated in works on the structural reorganization of some central offices. He is the author of over sixty academic publications. He is a co-author of the commentary on the protection of competition and consumers (C.H. Beck) and also a scientific editor of the publication “Contemporary problems of energy law” (LexisNexis).