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Kamil Ciupak

Kamil Ciupak, legal advisor who cooperates with the Law Firm as the Of Counsel. Within the Law Firm Kamil provides advice in the field of State aid and EU funds, in which he gained his experience having worked in the Department of the State Aid Monitoring of the Polish Competition Authority (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) and the National Centre for Research and Development (which is a Polish public body responsible for financing the research and development activities), as well as the managing authority of a regional operational programme.


His area of expertise covers first and foremost analyses of investment project in order to establish whether the financing thereof constitutes State aid and whether such aid is compatible with the internal market, especially in cases of EU Funds co-financing. In particular, Kamil has rich experience in conducting proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, as well as the European Commission, especially in the energy sector, transport sector, in relation to roads, sea ports and airports, as well as research and development projects, public-private partnerships and services in the general economic interest.


Furthermore, Kamil has expertise in the legal aspects connected with the co-financing form the EU funds. In the abovementioned area Kamil advises both at the stage of applying for the co-financing (inter alia legal analyses of the possibility to obtain the co-financing and eligibility of a given entity and its project to the operational programme), as well as at the stage of implementation and settlement of the project (among other things compliance with the principle of durability of operation or potential irregularities that may occur during the implementation of the project and possible steps undertaken by the competent institution in order to recover the co-financing).


Moreover, Kamil’s area of professional focus covers antitrust law, sector-specific regulation and EU law. His academic activities cover writing articles on State aid law.