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Mariusz Rypina
Associate Partner

Mariusz Rypina, associate partner, attorney-at-law, memberof the Warsaw Bar Association. Mariusz specializes in commercial and business law, with a particularfocus on energy law, antitrust, andrail transport law. He alsohasextensiveexperience in personal data protection law, access to public information and legallyprotectedsecrets. He hasauthorednumerouspublications on theseareas of law. He is co-authorof the commentaries on the Acton Rail Transport, the Act on Competition and Consumer Protection, the Construction Law, the Act on Spatial Planning and Developmentor the Capital Market Law.

Mariusz hashandled a number of large-scaletransactions, somevalued in the hundreds of millions of zlotys. On one project he advised on the modification of fuelterminals to bringthemintoline with newly-amendedregulations. In another, he managed the process of obtaining “yellowcertificates” for one of Poland’sbiggest CHP generators. In energy law Mariusz hasadvised on licensing and tariffs, supportschemes for electricity from RES or CHP, connectingpowergenerators to the grid, bio-fuelsregulations, underground bulkstorage of fuels in rock masses and maintainingobligatorystocks of crudeoil, fuels and gas. In the area on rail transport law Mariusz advicecarriers, infrastructuremanagersorsidingsoperators. He is a recognizeexpert in suchissues as establishing the annualworkingtimetable and access to railway infrastructure, infrastructurecharges and maintance of the railway vehicles. In M&A he hashandlednumeroustransactions, includingnotification of concentrationbetweenundertakings. He alsohasextensiveexperience in litigation and administrativeproceedings, commercialdisputes, energymatters, railway matters and antimonopolyproceedings. He heads the Energy Law Department of Prof. Marek Wierzbowski and Partners